Is There Anybody In The Real World Like Indiana Jones?

Now that we have the map of the world and every piece of the planet has been measured and marked, explorers that find new worlds are very rare and can freely be called geniuses. Of course, there will always be space for the adventurers to explore forgotten places of our planet and bring new information about ancient world or whatever else their discovery is about but it’s not easy at all. One of them is Ivan Šprajc that we dared to call Indiana Jones of the modern time.

Ivan will be remembered as a man who spent most of his lifetime (60 years old now) under the heat of the Sun, exploring different areas and making his path through the jungle. He was the first person to see the 30 meters high ancient pyramids that he previously spotted in aerial photographs from Ljubljana, Slovenia, in his office around 10,000 kilometers away. However, the highlight of his discoveries was the Lagunita’s monster portal that changed his life for good.


Šprajc said that finding a lost city feels like a real victory. The special thing about his discovery and the whole adventure is the effort he and his team put into this journey. In one of his interviews, he said that he was highly motivated and happy after his discovery because he knew that it was a great and hard job. The fact that nobody found that place before was a real proof. Ivan Šprajc has a long list of discoveries that he could be proud of. With his team, this man has discovered over 80 ancient Mayan cities, which is a true impressive achievement. The modern world has known about only few of them before.

These cities were located in Mexico jungles and Šprajc’s team was very consistent so they went through inaccessible and hardly reachable regions with one goal – to discover something old/new. This area wasn’t populated for at least past thousand years or to be precise, since the Classical Mayans collapsed. The spirit of this man and his fearless character surely do remind us of Indiana Jones once again.


One of the questions that Šprajc is looking an answer to is ‘’why did everyone abandon these places long before they were conquered by Spaniards?’’. He is full of hope that with the new discoveries, the world could understand the past better. For now, we can only guess whether it was the climate, wars among the states, overpopulation etc. Šprajc has no time to guess only but is looking for accurate answers!

Machetes before computers

Can you imagine someone wandering around the world and exploring deep jungles his whole life without being passionate about it? – Probably not. Well, Šprajc is more than passionate, he says that the adrenaline he feels when finding a buried treasure or discovering anything at all is indescribable. His team can easily live without technology and computers but cannot survive without machetes. This makes him even more special because the group of explorers that are willing to risk and spend days, weeks or months in the jungle is getting smaller every day. For this reason, it is safe to say that if Indiana Jones had a twin, it would be Ivan Šprajc.


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