5 Ancient artifacts found in the UK

There are many things that we don’t know about the ancient times but the will to investigate and discover them is what excites and keeps the archeologists hopeful. Just from what we know so far, UK has a great and interesting history that we could read about for a long time. There are many unexplained things and things that we haven’t discovered yet about the different cultures and events that happened on this land.

Some of the artifacts that we were lucky to give us hints of what could have been happening back then on this territory. We chose 5 of them that seemed very intriguing:


  1. The remains from the Iron Age

Over 100 skeletons pots, spears, swords and other items have been found in Pocklington, Yorkshire.

These finds date back around 2,000 years before being found. These remains were buried under the Yorkshire Worlds. There were many ancient

They seem to belong to the people from the Iron Age and they are labeled as one of the biggest findings recently.


  1. Sumerian City artifacts

The researchers of Bristol University discovered a box with materials from the ancient Sumerian city placed on the top of a cupboard.

They reported that the content inside the box was around 4,500 years old and they seemed to be from the tomb in Iraq. The items such as carbonized apple rings, pottery, seeds and animal bones were hidden in this box and they have been described in details in British journals. They are currently in the British museum but the real mystery is the way these items got to the United Kingdom and the Bristol University is hoping to find more information that could answer this question in the future.

  1. Roman Villa

Villa from Roman age has been discovered in south England. It happened when Luke Irwin, Wiltshire citizen, accidentally discovered cables on his property.

After calling the archeologists, it was stated that the villa was built around 1,400 years ago. Most of the findings on this property were personal things from people who lived there centuries ago. There were pieces of pottery, rugs and windows that looked way different than the ones we have today.


  1. Ancient Egyptian coins

Maybe one of the most important finds related to Egyptian era were found in Barnsley. This discovery huge coins collection minted by Mark Antony, Cleopatra’s husband. On one front side of this coin, Cleopatra’s 500 worshipers are visible while on the back are Antony’s legionary standards. These silver coins were found in few big hoards in Barnsley, back in the 1940s. Now they are in the beautiful Museum of this city that was opened in 2013.

  1. The mask of Anubis

One of the highlights of the private collection presented in the farmhouse in Yorkshire back in 1968 was the rare mask that is believed to be made for a priest who imitated Anubis, the black jackal god. This discovery happened in 2002 and the unique mask was an inspiration for many fashion pieces later on. Now it’s a valuable piece that people have an opportunity to see in the Harrogate’s Royal Pump Room Museum. They can even try the replica of this mask and take amazing photos wearing it.



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