If you’re looking for that new look in your home and you’re not sure about what style to use, why not think about going for a classical wood look and really shake things up. Surprisingly, using woods like western red cedar and oak has really come back into fashion, tired of the minimalistic cold look that ultra-modernism brought, people are looking back to the days when furniture and homes were styles with wood for that classical, high quality feel.

Incorporating oak and red cedar into your rooms

So where exactly can you incorporate beautiful woods like these into your home? Well the answer is unsurprisingly pretty much anywhere, wood is an extremely versatile material that looks pretty good almost anywhere. My favourite thing to do at the moment is to mix modern styles with classical, so typically I’ll take a wooden feature like a battered old oak table and put it in the middle of some modern furnature. The mix of modern and classical can really work, I’ve achieved an extremely nice effect in my dining area that all of my friendly compliment me on.

One of my favourite types woods to use at the moment is oak which can be shaped and modelled to suit any room. I have oak beams on my ceiling which through years of wood staining have taken on a dark and ominous tone. That sounds rather dingy I know but coupled with my white walls, the contrast produces a very nice and pleasing effect. Oak beams used for oak flooring also product a rather nice classical feel. My personal preference is to use untreated floorboards made from oak, traditionally people would varnish and shine them but left untreated they can warp and produce a nice rustic feel.

What about oak furniture?

Yes, solid oak furniture should never be overlooked, it can add a touch of class to any home. I mentioned my dining table earlier, but wooden cabinets and draws are increasingly making a huge comeback. You only have to take a stroll through the Next home department to see what I mean, the place is literally teaming with oak furniture but usually with a modern twist. For that modern twist, it seems fashionable at the moment to slope the corners of wooden furniture, rather than having a straight sharp edge furniture stores are increasingly holding stock that is styled in this way.